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2020 - When the Pandemic Hit

Back to our story...

In the beginning of 2020, Josh and I were talking all crazy about opening up a brick-and-mortar location. We couldn't find a spot that had reasonable rent and a full kitchen like we would need. We started questioning what we were thinking and were about ready to move on from this chicken idea... then the world shut down. COVID hit and we thanked our lucky stars that we hadn't just signed a lease to open a restaurant! There would have been no way for us to afford the rent on our salaries. Josh worked full-time as a welder, and I worked full-time in accounting and sales. We made decent money but not enough for us to float our home and a business without income.

Josh doesn't like to sit still for very long, so the lockdown was hard on him. He got bored fast and that was when the idea to build a food truck came about. We had a 24' race car trailer from Josh's racing days sitting in our driveway... It wasn't long before the entire inside was torn out and a building plan was conceived. My husband is a handy guy. When he puts his mind to something, he figures it out. Building a food truck isn't something he'd ever done before but he called around to the health department and city to get answers, he watched videos, joined Facebook groups and took his skills to a whole new level.

Josh starting the process of building the food truck

While Josh started building the truck, I took to Facebook and Instagram to start building our name. I had previously worked for an advertising agency and learned a lot in my time there. I knew that social media would be the only way for people to get excited about something new. Getting our name out there would be the only way that we would ever make this food truck successful. I jumped on a site and created a goofy logo, we figured out a name that we thought suited us and our business and opened up our pages.

The two of us utilized our skills to the best of our abilities to get this business up and running. What we do compliments each other perfectly because our skills are polar opposites but exactly what we needed. Our journey was just beginning at this point and this story still has a lot left to be told <3

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