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Who is Behind The Dirty Bird?

Let's take a step back really quick and let me introduce the people behind The Dirty Bird 815. I'm going to tell you our story, so you might as well know who we are.

Josh and I (Abby) met back in 2017. My son, Carter, was 8 years old and my daughter, Darley, was just about 9 months old when we met. I wasn't sure I was ready to date again, but after meeting Josh I changed my mind. When he met the kids, they loved him instantly. He lived in Rockford, and I lived in Sycamore, so our time together was pretty much limited to the weekends since we both worked full-time. We dated for 2 years until we decided that it was time to stop our long-distance relationship and find a place for us and the kids. We purchased a house in Sycamore in 2019 and started to build our life together.

Josh always has big plans, so it was no surprise to me when he brought up the idea of opening a business. We work well together, and our skills complement one another. Little did we know that our life together would blossom so much more over the next three years. In 2020, in the middle of our first food truck season, we got married. Then two months later we found out we were expecting. In May of 2021, we welcomed our little Briar Rose into our family. We go all in with everything we do, but somehow things always seem to work out!

Follow along for the next post as I continue on with our story!

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